Verisafe - Your Personal Safety & Risk Management Solution




“We gave Verisafe to our daughter before she went on her OE. It saves us oldies a fair bit of stress, knowing that in a bad situation she has the means to call for help (and always has the means to set her risk timer when she is out and about alone). We like the fact that, if something happens, we will be able to see her recent location details, travel plans and passport information”
Sarah 2018

“Our son is 16, going on 30. We previously tried an app with real time tracking... and he he refused to activate location sharing. With Verisafe he maintains privacy. He likes the fact that we cannot see his whereabouts without him knowing - it's actually built up trust by finding the right balance between our peace of mind and his privacy.
Nick and Cathie 2018


“The Verisafe product is well thought out, needed and essential to allow people to care for others safely. The system is designed with a clear purpose that adds safety and security to clients and service providers alike.”

“I pressed “At risk” every time I went out, I felt like I had a smart unobtrusive blanket of comfort with me, as I did not need to make excuses to the people I was with to stop and check in with the contact service.”

“91.66% of users felt safe at work using Verisafe. An increase from 66.67% without Verisafe.”

“100% of survey respondents felt safe using Verisafe visiting an urban Area. Up from 60% without Verisafe.”

“83.33% felt safe making a visit to a stranger’s home using Verisafe, up From 57.4% prior to Verisafe use.”

“When I first started my shift, clicking the "At Risk" button and knowing that the contact service would be notified if I couldn't check in was a huge comfort.”

“My anxiety is relieved using something proactive. Relying on the contact service to make a “check in” call when they are busy, and assuming that I could call for help if I needed it was not ideal.”