Verisafe - Your Personal Safety & Risk Management Solution



What’s the Problem?

None of us want to think about the potentially unpleasant things that can (and do) happen to us and those we care about.

Worries around violence, illness, injury, or just being alone can be acknowledged, managed, and proactively planned for.

Today, we do NOT need more fear. We just need a sense of freedom, autonomy, confidence, and peace of mind to live well, and live life fully.

Our Solution

We understand how important it is for our friends and loved ones to live full, empowered lives with a sense of privacy, safety, security, and confidence. Verisafe provides a robust and reliable smartphone application, giving you a means to reduce stress and anxiety for yourself, and those around you.

Costs & Terms

You can try Verisafe out for yourself or Gift a Subscription to see if it’s right for you or those you care about. $7.00 per month (USD) gives you and up to ten of your friends or family access to Verisafe.

After Joining or Gifting Verisafe, an email is delivered with setup details and links to download Verisafe to your phone.

Our service is monthly with no long term contract periods to worry about.

We can offer free temporary Verisafe memberships to those facing acute violence situations and financial difficulties.