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"91.67% of workers either felt safe or very safe when working in a potentially risky environment, An increase from 66.6% who felt safe prior to Verisafe use"

"100% felt safe when visiting an urban location, an increase from 60% prior to Verisafe use"

"Quick, easy and discreet - rather than increasing my risk by making an obvious phone call in dangerous environments"

"Verisafe provides an unobtrusive blanket of safety and comfort, I no longer need to make an excuse to the people I am with check in to the contact center. Verisafe makes life much easier"

"I have peace of mind knowing that after I have set my At Risk, even if my phone is broken or stolen - alerts will still be sent because I have failed to check in"

"The validation process meant a few extra clicks, BUT I am now confident that everyone on my emergency contacts list actually understand their role (as my contact) and I know that their contact information is correct"

"The safety vault gives me so much peace of mind when I travel, I know that my crew back at base will always have all relevant information necessary to get me out of trouble, not matter where I am in the world"

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