How Do I Set Up Scheduled Safety Checks?

When logged into the Verisafe website, click on My Contacts in the menu. To add a new Contact for Scheduled Safety Checks, enter their mobile number and/or email address under Add a New Contact and press GO. They will then be sent a txt message and/or email asking them to join Verisafe and allow you to schedule Safety Checks on them. As soon as they agree to this, they'll be added to your Contacts list.

To schedule Safety Check for one of your contacts, click on their Name or their Safety Checks button. This will take you to their User Details page.

In the Safety Check Options section of the User Details page, you can specify what time of day the Safety Check should be sent, and which days of the week it should be sent on. If you want additional Safety Checks, eg to send at a different time of day on weekends, or more than one check per day, click on More to add another.

Safety Checks can be temporarily put on hold by setting their Status to Paused, and resumed by returning them to Active. Click on the Status button to toggle between Active and Paused.

Click on Save Changes to confirm the new Safety Check settings. Verisafe will then automatically send out Active Safety Checks according to the schedule you've specified. Basically it's SET and FORGET!

You can also customise how much time the recipient of a Safety Check has to respond before an Alert is sent. Remember you are only ever Alerted if your recipient fails to respond to Safety Checks.

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