More About the Verisafe Features

Help Button

The Verisafe 'Help' button has been designed to Alert your own Emergency Contacts (Family, Friends, or workmates) that you need some HELP!

If the nature of the help needed is an emergency you should call your normal emergency services as a priority and supplement this with your Verisafe 'Help' button.

When you press the 'Help' button, a five second countdown begins, and when it reaches zero your Emergency Contact(s) are sent a txt message and email telling them that you need Help or may be in trouble. The message includes a link to your GPS location, allowing for speedy response. Your Contacts also receive an automated phone call to alert them - just in case they don't see the txt message.

During the countdown, you can either cancel the Help request if the button was pressed in error, or skip the countdown and send the Help request immediately.

After pressing 'Help', you can add an update with a message or information if you want. Your Contacts will also be able to see regular automatic updates of your GPS position (approximately every ten minutes if you're moving; updates might not be sent if you stay in the same general area) until your Help request is cancelled.

To Cancel a request for Help you simply enter a message to confirm you're OK and press the 'Cancel' button.

At Risk Button

Designed to manage your safety in risky places or times.

When you feel at risk simply press the 'At Risk' button. You will then need to Check In to confirm that you're OK at the intervals you choose based on the situation. If you fail to check in on time, your Emergency Contacts will be notified as if you had pressed the 'Help' button. You'll be sent a reminder txt message prior to your contacts being notified.

Your GPS position is recorded upon activation, and updated regularly until you cancel your 'At Risk' status (GPS updates might not be sent if you stay in the same general area).

If you keep checking in on schedule until you Cancel the At Risk status, your Contacts will not receive any notifications.

Safety Vault

We have recently added a 'safety vault' option whereby employees within organisations (or individual users) can add additional personal information to assist in an emergency situation. This additional information can include a photograph, ID, Insurance details, health conditions, next of kin, places of work, regular commute, places of residence etc.

This information is available with the location details received by emergency contacts when the HELP button is pressed or At Risk is escalated.

How Do I Get My Buttons Onto My Phone?

Install the App for Android™ or iPhone, and add it to your phone's home screen.

How Do I Set Up Emergency Contacts?

When logged into the Verisafe website, click on 'My Contacts > Add Contact' in the menu. Enter your new Contact's mobile number and/or email address, ensure Add them as my Emergency Contact is checked, and press 'Send Request'.

Your proposed Contact will be sent a txt message and/or email asking them to join Verisafe and become your Contact.

As soon as they agree to this, they will be listed as your Emergency Contact on the My Contacts page. You aren’t limited in the numbers of Contacts you can have, and you can select which ones are active at any time. The selected Contacts will be listed under your 'Help' and 'At Risk' Buttons as the people who will be notified should you press 'Help' or fail to check in.

Feel free to contact Verisafe any time if you need advice or assistance with this.

What Will My Emergency Contacts Get If I Press 'Help' Or Fail To Check In?

They will be sent a txt message and email saying you need Help, with a link to a Verisafe page that will show your location and any messages you've entered. As long as your App or Buttons page remains open on your phone, it will periodically report location updates until you press 'Cancel'.

Your Contacts will also receive an automated phone call that will tell them one of their contacts has requested help or failed to check in, and asking them to check their txt message for the link.

When you press 'Cancel Help', or Check In after an At Risk Alert has been sent, your contacts will receive another message via txt and email advising that you no longer need Help.

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