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Use your smartphones to take care of your workforce

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Safety in unpredictable environments

The risks taken and faced by staff working alone or in unpredictable environments when employed by your organisation.

Workplace sectors and settings are many and varied but the actual risks can include accidents, injury, illness, and sadly violence.

In most countries, companies, employers, and directors have certain obligations to care for workers. Failing to do so often results in significant financial penalties, organisational brand damage if an incident occurs without communication tools, systems, and processes in place to ‘do everything possible’ to manage all lone work risks.

Taking care of your workforce

Verisafe is a robust smartphone solution designed to take care of your workforce.

With Verisafe, the risks associated with working in unpredictable or potentially unsafe environments can be managed. Verisafe helps to address the issues around staff safety, well-being, poor performance, retention, morale, and engagement.

Our software is easy to implement and use.

We load your team onto Verisafe with your designated emergency contact people (or monitoring). Once this is complete, staff are sent simple user instructions.

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Costs & Terms

Our charges are based on a monthly rate that varies based on numbers of users. We arrange discounted rates for some community support groups. We are happy to provide a quote.

We usually suggest that you “trial” Verisafe to ensure it’s right for you and your workforce. Our service continues on a monthly basis but specific terms can be arranged as required.

Business applications:

  • Staff on the road
  • Night shift workers
  • Security check ins
  • Fast response for at risk staff
  • Business safety obligations

What are clients saying?

“We set up our entire team on Verisafe, linking alerts to our 24/7 contact centre, and we are grateful that we did so. We recently had an escalation whereby a team member was unable to call for help following an accident.

Luckily she had activated her ‘risk timer’.

When the timer ran out, alerts came through, we could see her safety vault with a picture of her, her travel plans and intentions, and importantly her recent location details.

With all the information we immediately had available, we followed our response plan and were able to get assistance to her extremely promptly”

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