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Safe Travels, Airports and Flying...

Posted 10:00am, 18 Sep 2019

Had enough of feeling frazzled at the very thought of travel?

Here are some things to think about to keep the stress and anxiety levels low.

Before you go.. 

When booking your flight consider any special requirements in advance.
Do you (or family members) need a special meal, assistance on board or when you land?
​Let your airline know. 
Are you embarking on a LONG journey? 
You might want to consider the TIME that you fly.
If possible book so that the longest leg of the journey falls upon your 'normal night time'.
This way you will be naturally tired, ready for the flight dinner and following that, more likely to sleep for the bulk of your trip. 
Is your passport up to date? Do you need to apply for a Visa?
Are your travel buddies, friends or family up to speed with travel requirements? 
Do you need cash and additional passport photo's upon landing in your destination? 
Do you have travel insurance sorted? 
Have you checked with a travel doctor about any immunizations that you may need or medications that may be worth carrying with you?
Photograph all your important documents and save in your Safety Vault
​Photograph your belongings and serial numbers of electronic goods in case you need these for insurance claims. 
Note down your destination address/ accommodation details for your arrival. 

Have you checked airline requirements around how much 'carry on' is allowed? 
Pack medications that you (and your family) might need.
Remember a spare pair of clothes, important documents, pen/paper, a book/mag, chargers, good headphones or air plugs, comfy gears (like your slippers or warm socks) toiletries and your fave snacks. 

Know what you can't pack. 
Leave large containers of liquids, flammables and sharp things at home! 
Secure your checked bags and consider making them 'unique' with a bag cover or sticker for easy identification when you land.
Double check that you have packed all the bits and pieces you need to make your trip enjoyable (but don't pack too heavy- check the weight limits).

Time to fly..

Set two alarms on flight day! 
Leave 15 min before you think you have to (just in case)..
​Airports can be stressful places, give yourself plenty of time to get around them.
Especially if you are new to travel.

Last minute purchases?
​Consider that nice travel pillow and eye mask.. they can make a long haul much more bearable!
Have your documents ready and handy.
​Have a bag with a compartment that is easy to reach and secure for any important documents that you might need to access regularly.
If you are carrying a laptop have it accessible.
Most airports require you to put your laptop through the x-ray machines separately.
Do you need to wear lace up boots and a belt?
You might need to take off both for security. dressing and undressing can be annoying for you and for the line of people waiting behind you.

In flight
'Set up your space' (or lack of space).
Have those good ear plugs handy, get your sleep mask out ready to go, magazine/ book, snacks, any medications and a toothbrush can all fit in the pouch in front of you. Less fluffing around in the middle of the flight, means a more relaxing time for you and those around you.
Get up and walk around if you get sore or have any known heart health issues.
Carry on bags can be targeted by thieves in the overhead lockers.
Keep your precious goods right in front of you, and use a good padlock for what must be stowed overhead. 

​Travelling with kids? 
 check out these tips... 

​Transferring onto another flight? 
Don't panic, if you are sleepy confused and freaking out about finding your next flight.
Just ask the transfer desk or airport staff. The sooner you clarify where you need to be, the more likely you are to keep the stress levels under control and most importantly - get to your flight on time.

When you land (and get through border control), consider purchasing a new local sim card - it can be a lot cheaper than roaming.

​Of course, for safety and security - don't forget to update your user information, travel plans and new number on Verisafe.

Staying SAFE when travelling alone..

It's all good being friendly and warm... but don't be "too nice" for your own good. 
Always trust your gut and follow your intuition.
It the situation feels slightly off, it probably is. 

If you are traveling on a budget, staying in dorms, couch surfing or staying with acquaintances that you don't know so well - always have a list of nearby alternative accommodation options. 
If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe for whatever reason, even if you think you are being 'irrational', LEAVE.
Don't feel under pressure to stay just because you have put your bags down. 

Enjoy positive people and their hospitality.
Most people love to help travelers and MOST people are kind, helpful and out to do good. 

Be aware, be wise and sometimes.. be cunning... 
Walk with confidence, hold your head up high and walk with purpose..  Leave the earplugs out too. 
Avoid flaunting any valuables and carry minimal cash (ladies, stash that cash in a tampon applicator - it's a brilliant. No pickpocketer really wants to steal your tampons).  

Dress mindfully, in a way that matches the local cultural norms and respects their traditions and beliefs.
When in "Rome" (and all that).
Blending in avoids unnecessary trouble and shows you have respect. 

Don't take rides from strangers. You mum was right. It's just not smart. 
Research the most trust worthy taxi companies in your area and go with those when possible.
Also if possible, take your bags into the back seat with you.
This means you are always in control of your belongings, if you really really need to - you can jump out at a traffic light WITH your stuff. 

Make the most of local knowledge, take a walking tour, join a local dance class or sporting event. It's a great way to make new local friends and fellow travelers. 

Walking alone after dark? Press At Risk. 
Also, if possible, walk close to a couple or a family. Those walking in groups are less frequently targeted. 
Simply smile and ask the group if they mind you walking next to them to stay safe, if they are weird about it. They are the kind of people you probably don't want to walk next to anyway! 
If you can't avoid walking totally alone and do feel like you might have a follower, pop into the nearest restaurant, hotel, salon or 7/1.
Explain your concern to the staff and more often than not, they will be happy that you came in and encourage you to stay until you feel safe to leave. (Again, if possible, leave with friendly company) 

Update your travel plans regularly on your safety vault.
Check in regularly with friends and family and keep everyone in the loop. 

Most importantly - Have FUN!
The world is magical enjoy it, the lessons travel can provide are better than any classroom on the planet.