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Easy to set up and use, with a variety of options to suit your needs


Features and set up

Verisafe is a platform used by organizations and individuals to manage various health, safety, and wellbeing risks. Setup is quick and easy. Verisafe features are intuitive and easy to use.

For more detailed information, see our Support guides below, view our videos, or email us.

Downloadable guides:

The Help Button

The Verisafe 'Help' button has been designed to alert your emergency contacts (family, friends, workmates or security services) when you need help.

When you press the Help button your emergency contact(s) are sent an SMS message, phone call, and email. The message includes a link to access your Safety Vault, containing your GPS location and any important information you have saved for sharing in emergencies.

After pressing 'Help', you can add an update with a message or information if you choose. Your contacts will be able to see regular automatic updates of your GPS position until your help request is cancelled.

The At Risk Button

Unobtrusive, proactive safety.

When you feel at risk, simply set your At Risk timer and press the 'At Risk' button.

If you fail to check in (within your chosen time frame), your emergency contact(s) will be notified by SMS message, email, and phone call. The message includes a link to access your Safety Vault, containing your GPS location and important information you have saved for sharing in emergencies.

You'll be sent a reminder sms message prior to your contacts being notified. Your GPS position is recorded upon activation of your At Risk button and updated regularly until you cancel your 'At Risk' status.

Enable automated safety checks

Sometimes you just need to know your family or workmates are OK. Verisafe enables you to schedule safety checks delivered by SMS message to your selected recipient(s). They are asked to confirm they are OK by clicking on a link in the message.

It is only if they fail to respond that you are notified.

You have multiple options covering frequency, times, and days.

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Overview and Tutorial

Your Safety Vault

The Safety Vault gives Verisafe users the ability and option to add personal information to assist their emergency contacts in an emergency situation. This additional information can include photographs, ID, Insurance details, health conditions, next of kin, places of work, places of residence, etc.

Whenever your Safety Vault is viewed by one of your contacts, you are notified by email.

Acute Emergency Check

Emergency contacts can request locations of individual users that they are linked with in emergencies. Whenever user information or maps are viewed the user is notified for privacy reasons.

Emergency Group Message

Emergency contacts / managers of Verisafe accounts can deliver an alert message to all linked users, or groups of users, in just a few clicks (sent via SMS and phone call alert).

NB Verisafe alerts can be delivered to any mobile phone, or landline / help line number alongside email and SMS alerts containing links to GPS and Vault information.

How do I get my Buttons onto my phone?

Install the App for Android™ or iPhone, and add it to your phone's home screen.

Setting up your Emergency Contacts

We take privacy and security seriously. Accordingly, contacts will only be recognized after they have confirmed their details by SMS and email. As soon as your contacts are validated, they will be listed as your Emergency Contacts and visible on your phone under your 'Help' and 'At Risk' buttons.

Business Clients

Verisafe will manage on-boarding for Business Clients.

What Will My Emergency Contacts Get If I Press 'Help' Or Fail To Check In?

They will be sent an SMS message, phone call, and email saying you need Help together with a link to your Safety Vault with GPS details. When you cancel Help or At Risk your contacts will receive a further SMS message and email.

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