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About Verisafe

Industrial strength personal safety for your work and personal life.


Verisafe Founders & Company Profile

Verisafe started as a family business in 2016 when co-founder Hannah Milward returned from her last nursing jobs in Australia and Cambodia. After experiencing many personal safety risks at work and in her personal life, it become her mission to help empower those who feel vulnerable achieve a greater sense of confidence and peace of mind. Phil Milward (who has been involved in technology and property compliance for many years) worked with Hannah to engage in-house software engineers to develop Verisafe, working alongside our support partners Prophecy Networks.

Our Values

Verisafe is a socially conscious business. Integrity, compassion, and sustainability are everything to us. We believe that businesses have a responsibility to actively contribute within the community for the greater good.

Higher Purpose and Giving Back

We believe in giving back to the community by sponsoring vulnerable groups and individuals with our innovations and by providing meaningful education to groups for the greater good.

We sponsor (and support at cost price) a number of organisations who hire workers who must go into risky environments such as:

  • NZ Victim Support
  • Palmerston North Women’s Refuge
  • Wellington Sexual HELP
  • The Wellington Night shelter
  • Free to Shine, Cambodia

We give away our subscriptions to service users of family violence organisations when price is a barrier to safety.

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Why Verisafe?

Our “Duty Of Care”

We believe in a wide duty of care that acknowledges the health, safety, and holistic wellbeing of all stakeholders (the organisation, employees, their families, community, and our planet). We believe that health, safety, and wellness are fundamental human needs. We believe in giving back and supporting our community. Currently we support a number of not-for-profit organisations and vulnerable individuals in the wider community.

At Risk, Means at Risk

Verisafe considers a user to be at risk no matter what happens to their phone after the "At Risk" status is set. When a user has set their At Risk status, this is communicated to a secure server. This means that alerts are sent even if a phone is damaged, stolen, or runs out of battery.

Safety Vault

Users can add additional personal information to assist in an emergency situation. This additional information can include photographs, ID, Insurance details, health conditions, medications, next of kin, regular commute or destinations, places of residence, etc. This information is available to emergency contacts (and/or monitoring services) along with location details when the HELP button is pressed or At Risk is escalated. Whenever this page is accessed, the account holder is notified.

Privacy and security

We take privacy very seriously. Sharing of a person’s whereabouts and personal details is potentially dangerous in the wrong hands. With Verisafe, all personal information and location data is private. GPS data is only recorded when either the At Risk status is activated or the Help button is pressed. Information is only accessible to authorised contacts, and whenever the Safety Vault is viewed or changed, the account holder is immediately notified.

Finalist - NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards 2017 Highly Commended - National Safety Awards of Excellence 2017