Verisafe - Your Personal Safety & Risk Management Solution


Turning your phone into an industrial strength personal safety device...

How it Works

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An easily implemented solution to safety and security no matter where you are. Designed for personal or business use.


Verisafe for personal safety and security

Providing serious safety and security for those you care about.

At risk timer: When feeling unsafe or at risk.

Help button: When immediate assistance is required.

Safety checker: Schedule automated sms safety checks to those you care about.

Safety vault: Containing information restricted to authorised contacts when needed.

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Staff security with Verisafe

When you want to reduce the stress, anxiety and potential risks that staff face in your business. Make sure you don’t fall short, when it comes to legal requirements and risk management around sending staff into the community.

Go beyond ticking boxes, and demonstrate meaningful commitment to health and safety, with a trusted, highly effective and affordable solution in your workplace. Get in touch today for a quote or free trial

Gift Verisafe to friends, family and loved ones

Show you really care by giving something a little different... the gift of peace of mind, safety and security. For travel, solo work, simply going out at night, or even daytime adventures. Enjoy life fully empowered, with a strong sense of confidence.

The recipient will be sent an email informing them of your gift, with a link to activate their new Verisafe account.

They will then be able to add up to ten friends and family members as Verisafe contacts.

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“Verisafe was an obvious gift to give to my daughter before she went to South America. It gave her (and me) real peace of mind. Setting up the safety vault with her itinerary and copies of travel documents meant we could have a plan to contact the embassy and local police with meaningful info, not just location data, in the case of an emergency.”