Are You Responsible For Getting Your People Home Safe?


The Verisafe application is all about keeping those you care about safe while you get on with your day.

Verisafe is designed to assist...

  • Those working alone or in risky situations.
  • Anyone exposed to violence or abuse in their home or community.
  • People living alone or vulnerable to accident or illness.
  • People in transit on business or on holiday.

Need Help?

Users simply hit the HELP button
and their Emergency Contacts will receive an automated phone call, an email, and txt message showing GPS location.

At Risk?

Users press the AT RISK button
and their Emergency Contact will be alerted if they fail to check in regularly.

Are They Safe?

Users receive automated safety checks at scheduled times.
Emergency Contacts only alerted if confirmation not received.

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What is the Help button all about?

We designed the 'Help' button with personal safety in mind.

  • For people working or living alone;
  • in risky or violent environments;
  • people with chronic health conditions or disability;
  • shift workers exposed to risks after hours, and more...

The people important to you can now call for help quickly. When they press the 'Help' button their emergency contacts are sent a txt, email, and phone call giving access to their details and GPS data.

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What is the At Risk button all about?

Designed to manage your safety in risky places or times.

When you feel at risk simply press the 'At Risk' button. You will then need to check in to confirm that you're OK at the intervals you choose based on the situation. If you fail to check in on time, your emergency contacts will be notified as if you had pressed the Help button. You'll be sent a reminder txt message and an automated phone call prior to your contacts being notified.

Your GPS position is recorded upon activation, and updated regularly until you cancel your 'At Risk' status.

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What are Safety Checks and how do I get set up?

Designed with both workers and family safety in mind.

If you have workers, family, or friends working or living alone you can set them up with pre-scheduled safety check txt messages.

You are only alerted if your contact has not responded to their check.

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What is the Safety Vault?

The 'safety vault' is our latest feature, giving employees within organisations (or individual users) the ability to add additional personal information to assist in an emergency situation.

This additional information can include any photographs, ID, insurance details, documents and records, details of health conditions, medications, next of kin, places of work, regular commute, places of residence, travel plans, etc.

This safety vault information is available WITH the location details received by emergency contacts (or a contact center) when the HELP button is pressed or At Risk is escalated.

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